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Ham and Pear Panini

When it's warm outside, my family often longs for simple “light” food – food that doesn't sit heavy in the stomach, makes you feel sluggish, or which creates the sensation that you just gained 74 lbs.

Thus, summer is the perfect time for a panini – a hot sandwich – that delights with interesting flavors and great textures, tastes absolutely delicious, is super quick and easy to prepare, and which doesn't require a endless list of ingredients.

The list below is for ONE Panini – which serves two in our house. If you want to make more, simply multiply the ingredients accordingly.


Sandwich bread of your choice: This can be anything – Ciabatta rolls, Texas toast, your favorite hearty Sourdough bread or, in my case, Mushroom-Cheddar-Onion “rolls,” which I purchase at the bakery of my local Publix supermarket. The important thing is that you want to have a bottom and a top section to your panini. My rolls get sliced in half, but if you use sliced bread, you obviously need to use two slices per Panini.

1 Tbs. Pear Preserve

½ sliced Pear

5 slices of your favorite Ham

3 slices Cheddar cheese

A handful of Watercress

1 tsp. Honey.

Let's get started:

Preheat a panini press (if you have one), or a George Forman grill, or a simple table grill. If you use a table grill, make sure you line it with some Aluminum foil to avoid that melted cheese drips on the heating coils.

Spread the Pear preserve on the bottom portion of your panini.

Top the preserve with the sliced pear, followed by the ham, then the cheese, and lastly, the watercress.

Drizzle the honey on top of the watercress.

Place the top portion of the bread on top of all those ingredients!

Next, simply place the panini on your panini press and close the lid. Let heat through for about four minutes or until the Cheddar starts melting (or, if you prefer, until the cheese has melted).

Cut the panini in half and serve.

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